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Alexander Armstrong

In January and February 2016 Harry will be touring the length and breadth of the UK with the brilliant and polymathematical Alexander Armstrong! Known more perhaps for his award-winning comedy show (Armsrong and Miller) with co-star Ben Miller and his hosting of cult quiz Pointless on the BBC with Richard Osman, Alexander was originally a Cambridge chorister and dabbled seriously at one point with going on to study full-time at the Royal College of music before deciding to concentrate on comedy and television. Offered a second bite at the cherry he jumped at the chance of touring with Harry as musical director and arranger. After a small scale first tour in 2013 they are together doing it properly this time in venues like the London Palladium and Birmingham's famous Symphony Hall with a nine-piece band including string section! As well as all Harry's musical arrangements the show will also feature a 10 minute slot of Harry's solo cabaret where Alexander asks the audience for random tunes and styles and then throws them at Harry for improvisation! Tickets are available for all locations from here 

Hear Alexander singing Harry's arrangement of 'A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square' broadcast on In Tune on BBC Radio 3 with Simon Bates on clarinet and Jonathan Kitchen on cello on the listen page


Harry and Alexander recording together at Classic FM

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