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For five years Harry was resident on the legendary Channel 4 show as both house pianist and later with his band the Playboys. As well as accompanying everybody from Bowie to Will Smith there were hundreds of items with games, pushy Mums, a stint on the road coercing the public to sing at 7 in the morning in an outside broadcast strand titled 'Harryoke' and memorably a piano duel with Bill Bailey. What most people remember however, is the songs. Watch recently resurfaced footage below and relive the days when there were only 5 broadcast channels and this irreverent alternative to the straight-laced BBC news used to pull millions of viewers.

Click on the clips below to watch. The Friday song which became a national singalong usually started at 8:57 by the on-screen clock and finished the show.     





Duel with Bill Bailey       Friday song #1            Friday Song #2


   With Beyoncé             With Kelly Brook         Farewell to Denise



Finally my proudest moment of timing. Due to Johnny's ramblings with guest Jerry Springer we were overrunning horribly and the song was in danger of being cut off. Not on my watch. AND a cockney ending. Oi oi!!


                   Jerry Springer & the unfeasible speed-up!





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