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Tune in to see Harry and his nine-piece band provide the music for the 'Best Ever Christmas' on ITV1 with host Alexander Armstrong and celebrity guests including Fay Ripley, Alfie Boe and Pru Leith. The musical numbers included the mother of all Christmas medleys - twenty songs in two and a half minutes - a Harry the Piano original!

'One of the most fun/difficult commissions I've ever had was their request to put together a three minute Christmas medley. So far so right up my strasse. Then the caveats began arriving. 'We want twenty songs in it. Starting with longer extracts and gradually speeding up. Oh and it's for a bass baritone (Alexander Armstrong) and a tenor (Alfie Boe). And it should be like a duel between them as in they keep trying to take over from each other. So the range (and consequently the key as well as the tempo and feel) will change at every new song. Oh, and so it flows lyrically, can you make the last word of each extract the same as the first word of the next...' 

The results to be posted here so you can judge for yourslves after transmission on 16th December at 9pm on ITV1.


Cast & Band of ITV's 'Best Ever Christmas' show

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