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'Harry is a National treasure.' 

Judi Herman, The Scotsman

'An uncanny ability to play any tune in any style.'

Reggie Nadelson, The Independent

’Genius playing, I’m so jealous!’

Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian

'Spellbinding.... Staggering virtuosity.'

Paul Golding, The Sunday Times

'The new Victor Borge.'

Derek Briggs, Gloucestershire Echo

'The virtuoso known simply as Harry the Piano steals the show with his ability to turn any tune requested by the audience, - in this case, "Mud, glorious mud" - into a Rachmaninov concerto, a Bach fugue or a TV sitcom theme. A mad idea but great fun.'

Clive Davis, The Times

'Virtuoso improvising.'

Jane Shilling, The Daily Telegraph

'A purveyor of magic... Stunningly clever. Technical perfection and extraordinary musicianship.'

Peter Buchan, West Sussex County Times

'There are very few musicians who could extemporise such medleys in front of our eyes and ears. Harry must be unique and I can't wait to hear him again.'

Jasper Dimmond, East Sussex Times

'Virtuosic and versatile'
This is Cabaret

'Stratospheric piano playing' 
Jane Thomas, West Sussex Times

'An amazing ability' 
Phil Hewitt, Chichester Observer

'Spellbinding virtuoso playing.' 

Neil Atkin, Derby Telegraph

'Masterful and unique...bubbles with invention.' 

Paul Buckeridge, West Sussex Times

'A ridiculously talented band led by Harry the Piano pull it off in style'

Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo

Royal & Celebrity

‘What fun it must be to be able to play the piano like that, I wish I could do it.’ 

HM King Charles III

‘The best damn pianist in the civilised world.’ 

Jonathan Ross

‘My father would have loved your show’ 
Janet Borge Crowle (Victor Borge's daughter)


‘Harry is a man of steely nerve and silky touch, a wonderful player for the big occasion and a damn fine musical head.’

Elvis Costello

‘You have the most extraodinary talent.’ 

Joanna Lumley

'Harry the piano is extraordinary. I've never seen anyone play an instrument like him. I guarantee people will be amazed' 

Alexander Armstrong

‘His phenomenal talent, unobtrusive charm and wit are a delight.’ 

Stephen Fry

'Will you come on tour with me?'
Charlotte Church

‘Harry can play anything, anywhere, any time – when he played with Elvis Costello, it was an entertainment high point of my life. He can work any theme into any song. He’s unique, you’ll love him!’ 

Johnny Vaughan

‘Prepare to be dazzled by this charming man’s versatility, there is nothing he cannot do.’ 

Liza Tarbuck


'You can't be a pianist and not be a fan.'

Iain Burnside BBC Radio 3

'One of the most outlandish displays of pianistic talent I've ever heard.'
Adam Gatehouse, Artistic Director and judge, Leeds International Piano Competition

'The technical brilliance of Lang Lang and the musical genius to create a masterpiece on the spot.'

Ian Brown, Royal Academy

'With Harry and a piano we don't need Radio 3, we've got everything'

Sean Rafferty BBC Radio 3

'One of the most gifted improvisers in the world'
Classic FM

'I’m not normally one to gush, far from it, but Harry the Piano really has been my discovery of the year.’
Stewart Collins, Artistic Director, Henley Festival

'Pure unforced brilliance.'

Suzy Klein, BBC Radio 3

'You practice all your life and think you can play the piano. Then you hear Harry.'

Martin Roscoe

'Keyboard genius, a legendary figure in the music world.'
Petroc Trelawny BBC Radio 3

'Harry the piano is supremely talented. Want to hear Summertime in the style of Rachmaninov or Show me the way to go home in the style of Ligeti? He's your man.'
Keith Clarke, Editor, Classical Music magazine

'You are amazing, I am speechless' 

Wasfi Kani, Founder & CEO of Grange Park Opera

'Astonishing technical ability and profound musicianship.' 

Jill Elsworthy, Hon Secretary, Horsham Music Circle

'Harry's musicianship is mind-blowing and his personality superb - a dream to work with!
Jo Metcalf, Festival director, Salisbury International Arts Festival

'Hearing is believing...a magician with the piano.' 

Anthony Davis, Jazz FM

'A genius, a privilege to work with.' 

Linda Bell, Editor of topical programming, Thames Television